Rashmi Nandakumar

Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India

Rashmi Nandakumar is an Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India. She specialises in Supreme Court litigation having represented individuals and organisations in matters  leading to several key judgments over the last twelve years, most notably in public law.

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Anindita Mitra

Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India

Anindita Mitra is an Advocate - on - Record at the Supreme Court of India practising in judicial forums, consumer forums and tribunals across Delhi NCR. Her key practice areas include civil, commercial, intellectual property litigation, and she regularly works with corporates advising them on  transactional/contractual and litigation issues.


Shankar Narayanan


Shankar Narayanan is an Advocate based in Delhi practising in courts and tribunals in Delhi. He has extensive experience in litigation in appellate courts.  He combines an interest in the academic side of law with the practice of law. Aside from litigation, he also has experience of working in the field of policy research.

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